Custom illustrations to make you think

Illustrations can be an integral part of a logo or campaign. They can enhance the campaign message by providing visual representation by either clarifying a complicated concept or displaying objects that are difficult to describe textually. We create illustrations that can be used in many forms from advertisements and brochures to digital campaigns. We work with you to design illustrations that align with your brand values and create added value to the campaign message. We provide complementary services of digital strategy, design and branding to expand the use of custom illustrations.

Digital Process

– Bespoke Illustration Design Process –

Telling a Story

Like a picture an illustration can be worth a thousand words, reducing the need for large amounts of descriptive text. This can help when free space is scarce or the message needs to be viewed quickly.

Cartoon Illustrations

Cartoons are an excellent way of imposing humour to a communication item. They can either be a single image or a sequence of images. Cartoons can be created in many styles and colours.


Diagrams are a good way of presenting information in a logical and accurate way. Diagrams are great additions to brochures as they help to break up solid amounts of text. We can assist with creating effective eye-catching illustrative diagrams for all types of applications.

Colour Profiling

We work with you to build upon your own colour palette and/or create the ideal colour palette to meet the project’s objectives. The palettes can be either, black & white, full-colour or restricted to a range of selected variations of colour.

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