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Images can express more than just words, it gives the target audience another dimension to understanding the communication message. Professional, creative images enhance print and online communications by evoking an emotional connection that words alone cannot do. We have expertise in a wide variety of genres, which provides clients with optimal choices. Whether it’s a product, travel or portrait image that is required for a brochure or part of a marketing project we will develop the ideal solution. We have excellent support services in brand strategy, website design, digital strategy and custom illustration to complement the photography.

– Photography Process –

International Photography

International photography assignments are our passion. Visiting remote places to meet people, understand their cultures, then display and educate through images is fulfilling. We have no borders that we will not cross for that ideal photographic image.

Portrait Images

Portrait shots create personality and dimension to corporate brochures, magazines and websites. Whether it’s to promote a holiday destination or to be used for an employee profile, it is important to have a professional image that encapsulates your business values.

Landmarks of the World

We have travelled through Asia, Africa, America and Europe photographing amazing landmarks of the world. Such as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, India’s Taj Mahal and Thailand’s Standing Buddha. The world is a vast place, but a quality image can bring it so much closer.

Product Shots

Product photographs are used from Internet auction sites to advertising billboards – product images are featured on them all. Producing the desired effect with the right lighting takes skill and patience and we work with our clients to meet their photographic requirements.

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